Tenblock is an energetic workplace where creative thinkers thrive. We operate as a workshop that seeks to find the best possible solutions for addressing intractable problems in housing development. Our multidisciplinary team is constantly learning from each other in order to adapt to new challenges.
WHO WE ARE Why work with us?
Our small but agile team has never had the same workday twice. We’re a collaborative group whose passion for designing and building communities for the 21st century takes each of us in exciting directions every day.
Tenblock operates on a flexible workstyle that creates opportunities for every member of our team to touch every corner of our projects.
Our small team, big project model allows our employees to define their own development journey by participating in different roles and contributing to different project phases.
We believe strongly in work-life balance and a supportive workplace culture that gives everyone the space and support they need to thrive. Summer hours, group activities and generous leave policies make Tenblock a place where employees come first.
WHO YOU ARE What we look for
A creative and critical thinker with the determination to overcome complex and novel challenges with minimal supervision.
An outstanding written and oral communicator, with a well-defined sense of diplomacy and ability to tailor one’s message to diverse audiences.
A person who values integrity and has a fundamental commitment to truthfulness and accuracy.
An intellectually curious and self-motivated doer who is looking to deepen existing skills and learn new skills.
An optimistic and realistic believer that our buildings and communities can be important tools in the fight against climate change
Our values
icon Energy & Belief
Enthusiasm for big moves and little details.

Sharing our joy in revitalizing communities by designing places that are perfect for the present and timeless for the future.
icon Creative Intelligence
Comfort can be found in uncertainty, tolerance within ambiguity.

Not everything in our world is black and white. A willingness to embrace ambiguity and take all the time necessary to reframe a problem in order to find the most lasting solution.
icon Critical Confidence
Criticism is an essential part of learning and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Creating room to make sure our team can confidently express their thoughts in both 1-on-1 and team settings.
icon Ethics & Values
Choosing the right way over the easy way.

Challenging the status quo by exploring better ways of planning and building—even when it is difficult.
Current openings We do not currently have any openings. We are always open to hearing from talented individuals who are interested in working with us. If you would like to submit your resume for future consideration, please email us at Thank you for your interest in our company.