Design that Sustains, for Communities that Thrive. The housing we are building today is the foundation for a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.
Our belief Sustainable design and sustainable living are a key focus for all of our projects. We believe in using the land and resources available to us as efficiently as possible to benefit the communities we build in. This means that when we develop new, high-density housing, our responsibility is not just to those who will live or work in our spaces. We are responsible to our community, our environment and future generations.
Community is Everything We build more than homes. We build healthier, active communities. Tenblock properties are places to find community. We understand the link between design and community—and we leverage this connection in every decision we make.
Public vs. Private Realm Public vs. Private Realm
Homes may be private places, but they rely on their integration with the public realm to create true community. We’re asking ourselves: how small can we make our buildings at street level, so that we are building vibrant, inviting public spaces where a sense of shared ownership allows communities to interact and thrive?
Landscaping for Multi-Use Landscaping for Multi-Use
Tenblock integrates landscaping seamlessly into each project, connecting or reconnecting our sites to the surrounding neighbourhood by removing fences, building pathways and gardens, and limiting car-oriented infrastructure to deliver more bike and pedestrian friendly connections.
Versatile Amenities Versatile Amenities
Urban living is as much about what happens outside the home as it is about what happens inside. Tenblock’s newest projects include versatile, multi-use amenity spaces that let residents decide how to animate their shared spaces. For older properties, we are retrofitting and adding amenities to offer tenants more spaces to build community.
Prioritizing Our Environment Housing needs to support climate action. Period.
In Toronto, 55% of greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings.
By 2028, all new buildings in Toronto must achieve net-zero carbon emissions in operations.
Tenblock aspires to be Toronto’s most cycling-supportive housing developer. Pairing a shift from cars to a cycling-first approach with a focus on sustainable building practices will help us to make the transition to net-zero achievable. We believe that moving into a new home is the perfect time to support residents and enable lifestyle changes that will further reduce the carbon intensity of our city’s new and existing housing assets. Our goal is to go beyond sustainable buildings in pursuit of complete communities that enable sustainable living in every way.
Tenblock’s pathway to sustainable living
icon Innovating
Tenblock is exploring innovative new active transportation-supportive amenities, sustainable design methods, alternative heating and cooling methods including geo-exchange, and other techniques that make our buildings more liveable, inclusive and sustainable.
icon Multimodal
Bicycle use should be encouraged by design that makes bikes the most appealing mode of travel. We’re reducing the number of vehicle parking spots in favour of increased availability of next generation bicycle, e-bike, bike-share, car-share and low-emission travel amenities.
icon Retrofitting
Promoting sustainability isn’t just about new buildings. Creating new housing on sites where existing buildings are being maintained also means that we are improving our existing buildings to be more energy efficient and climate resilient. This requires looking at where existing buildings can be improved while minimizing disruptions to current residents.
icon Leading
Tenblock is proactively working to explore new processes and building techniques that will enable us to reduce the carbon impact of new developments and existing buildings across all our properties.
At Tenblock, we are challenging what development can look like by promoting pedestrian and cycling first design, site plans, and amenities. We are showing Toronto what a high-quality car-free lifestyle can look like.
The Next Generation Tenblock is here to stay. We’re building housing that serves the needs of future generations. The population of Toronto is growing fast. The city needs tens of thousands of new homes a year just to keep up. We are up to the challenge, but at Tenblock, it’s about more than just building homes. We want Toronto to continue to be a city of vibrant, liveable and inclusive communities for everyone, so we are building our projects for families of all ages and sizes. At Tenblock, our focus is on creating child-friendly urban communities that create opportunities for new and growing families to remain in the city they love.
icon Childcare
Children are an integral part of every Tenblock neighbourhood. We’re collaborating with world-class architects to deliver new, well-designed childcare facilities into projects where the community needs additional daycare space.
icon Family-Centric Design
Our architects are including family-oriented and family-sized layouts into each one of our new projects. Families are essential parts of our communities. They need a homebuilder who understands their needs and thinks of them from start to finish.
icon A Love of Play
Whether growing up downtown, in the suburbs or in a rural community, kids need spaces where they can just be themselves. Tenblock’s planners are incorporating child-focused indoor and outdoor amenity spaces into each project, giving kids a place to do what kids do best: play.
icon Mobility of Tomorrow
What is more evocative of childhood than riding a bike? We believe in bikes as a fundamental component of urban and suburban mobility, and that bike-friendly infrastructure can be fun, playful and even inspiring. Our designers are creating safe, well-designed bike, e-bike, and cargo bike parking and storage areas that will support more people in choosing these modes of travel.