Project 25 St. Mary
Project highlights
2 towers
1024 new housing units
259 revitalized rental units
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25 St. Mary is a rental replacement project that proposes a 2-tower redevelopment containing a 259 revitalized rental replacement units, minimum of 50 new affordable rental units and 1,024 new market housing units. The site is located within short walking distance of four subway stations. The proposal helps meet the needs of the fast-growing Bay-Cloverhill neighbourhood by adding a new daycare sized for 62 children, a 500 square metre public park, privately-owned publicly assessable space, and at-grade retail space. The retail space is currently envisioned as a bike café which would fulfill an unmet need for dedicated bicycle sales, repair and culture in the downtown core.

The 25 St. Mary revitalization achieves three key Tenblock goals: reducing reliance on personal vehicles, reducing the carbon footprint of development, and delivering much needed childcare space in the neighbourhood.

By developing this project in such close proximity to four major transit stations, 25 St. Mary will help deliver new housing while reducing car dependence and promoting multi-modal transportation options by providing safe, best-in-class short- and long-term bike parking facilities.

The project’s pursuit of Toronto Green Standard goals and geo-energy heating and cooling systems will help to offset the carbon impact of demolishing the existing building. Finally, on-site childcare and family sized units will mean that young parents won’t have to leave Toronto’s downtown core to raise their family.

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