Our Work
Tenblock’s projects seek to re-imagine and renew existing properties by investing in connectivity, liveability, sustainability and community.
Our approach Tenblock approaches every one of our sites by asking three key questions:
1 What should continue on this site?
Many of our communities serve a broad range of incomes and household types and have provided long-term, stable, well-maintained housing options to families. This is the kind of legacy Tenblock’s new projects aim to build on.
Examples of things that should continue on a Tenblock site:
Abundant green spacesRental housing options
2 What needs to change?
Many of our communities were developed using a Tower in the Park model which is no longer viewed as best practice. This means we have significant site area taken up by underutilized surface parking or poorly designed green space. The age of these buildings also mean they rely on older, inefficient heating systems with limited air conditioning.
Examples of changes contemplated for a Tenblock site:
Adding modern in-suite and shared amenitiesModernizing building operations systems, including energy efficient heating and coolingEliminating surface parking, reducing underground parking as much as possible, and creating better opportunities to enable active transportation
3 What can we add to advance important city building goals?
Revisiting these sites 50+ years later, we can see how they contributed to the city building priorities of the past. As we look to build a legacy for the next 50+ years, we are asking ourselves what decisions we can make that will help Toronto meet the needs of its residents today and well into tomorrow.
Examples of city building additions to Tenblock projects:
Increasing density near current and planned transitImproving site connections to neighbouring community, bike lanes, parks and ravine systemsCreating better support for alternative transportation modes by reducing car-reliance and improving on-site bike infrastructureAdding on-site child care in neighbourhoods where spaces are lacking
Joint Venture Projects
OuR Development Models
INFILL DEVELOPMENT Suburban apartment sites were originally planned in ways that isolated apartment communities, locating them away from the street and neighbouring buildings while increasing their reliance on the personal automobile. Many such projects exemplify the “Tower In the Park” development model of the 60s and 70s era.

Tenblock’s Infill Development projects reimagine these sites by looking at how excess land on these sites can be used to create more vibrant communities. It could involve adding new towers to sites or townhomes that create additional living space for families, or increasing outdoor amenities or opportunities for local businesses—always without impacting existing buildings or tenants.
RENTAL REPLACEMENT Tenblock’s urban apartment sites have been well looked after, well lived in, and have created opportunities for people of all ages and lifestyles to live close to culture, transit, and jobs. However, many of these buildings lack modern amenities and reflect dated site planning.

Tenblock’s Rental Replacement projects reimagine how urban sites are planned by seeking to replace all existing rental units onsite with rental suites that feature more modern layouts, materials and amenities while creating opportunities for significantly more housing to be added to the site.