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Our work at Tenblock builds on a legacy that is more than six decades in the making. We are proud to be a part of Toronto’s past and excited to be part of its future. Learn more
Building a Sustainable Future The future is here. We just need to build it.
The 21st century is going to bring myriad challenges, from increasingly extreme weather to resource shortages to climate-fueled migration. Right now, with most of Toronto’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from the city’s buildings, the way our city is built is part of the problem. But with the technologies and techniques that now exist, we can make our homes and buildings part of the solution. We can build places where community and sustainability happen hand-in-hand. That is core to the Tenblock vision.

With design that draws on the lessons of the past and present while looking to the needs of the future, we are enabling community and climate resilience, all while showing the way to a sustainable tomorrow.

Tenblock is building and upgrading homes where people want to live right now—and where people will want to live for decades to come. This includes exploring how beneficial, emerging technologies like geothermal energy can be incorporated into our projects, using landscaping to create shared social and recreational spaces, creating bike-friendly communities that reduce car-reliance, and incorporating onsite childcare into as many projects as possible.
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Join the team Tenblock is an energetic workplace where creative thinkers thrive. We operate as a workshop that seeks to find the best possible solutions for addressing intractable problems in housing development. Our multidisciplinary team is constantly learning from each other in order to adapt to new challenges.
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